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The Code-a-pillar is unlike any toy that has ever been designed before. It stimulates children’s minds to explore through colour and movement. By manoeuvring the glowing pieces into different positions, their spatial awareness and dexterity will improve. Their arithmetic skills will also be enhanced as this remarkable toy encourages children to experiment with numerical concepts. It will give them a feeling of responsibility as the sounds and movements incorporated into the toy create the impression of a living, breathing creature they are looking after.

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Code-a-pillar re-invents what a toy should be

The Code-a-pillar gives children a chance to experiment with coding concepts in a fun and entertaining way. By mediating their exposure to this modern and essential skill through a platform that is friendly and welcoming, they are more likely to want to continue to explore it as they get older and the concepts become more difficult to understand. They will be building a strong foundation by beginning their coding journey with this inspiring toy.

The Fisherprice Code-a-pillar is highly interactive

Central to the Code-a pillar’s continuing popularity with children is its interactivity. The Code-a-pillar challenge presents them with obstacles which requires them to exercise their creativity and perseverance. How they get the Code-a-pillar to move backwards and forwards, left and right helps to build a sense of autonomy and mastery which few other toys can match. Indeed, its ability to build technical proficiency while maintaining a sense of fun is unmatched in the toy market today.

Brightly coloured for better learning

The colours of the Code-a-pillar will help inspire your child to imagine new ways of thinking about the world. In contrast to many monochrome toys for sale today, the Code-a-pillar encourages children to engage with the world in new and original ways. Many children associate new concepts with particular colours, and this process will only be enhanced by interaction with the Code-a-pillar. Although the coding concepts introduced are quite basic, the use of colour can aid in faster comprehension.

Children can exercise and develop their narrative skills through their relationship with the Code-a-pillar. It is not often a toy comes along that fundamentally reimagines how playtime is structured, but that is exactly what the Code-a-pillar does. Its ingenuity lies in the designer’s attention to detail and commitment to improving the learning experience of millions of children.

Develop teamwork skills naturally

We recommend that children use the toy in pairs to promote a sense of teamwork and collaboration which they will build on as they get older. The exercises and challenges which can be downloaded from our website are perfectly suited to working together with others. The fact that the Code-a-pillar can be taken apart into separate pieces and then reassembled means that it is the perfect platform with which children can build a sense of the concept of sharing.

Keeping kids active and thinking actively

Unlike other interactive games, which today are mostly designed around games consoles, the Code-a-pillar has no negative side-effects from prolonged use. As children are likely to be moving around when they play with it, there is little chance of it promoting a sedentary lifestyle. By contrast, it encourages an active attitude towards approaching and solving problems which will set them on the right path to understanding how to tackle complex issues as they grow older.

The Code-a-pillar’s focus on being a toy that encourages learning and exploration means that it also helps to improve children’s practical thinking. This is of such central importance in today’s world, as everything becomes more focused on concrete outcomes. Indeed, the coding skills which are developed through its use can best be represented as practical skills, because as more and more of the world’s industries move online, it will be considered impractical to not know how to code in the not-too-distant future. By giving your child the Code-a-pillar, you will simply be giving them a head start.

Practical and tech-savvy

The eight segments of the Code-a-pillar each feature a special ‘command icon’. This icon is carefully designed to encourage maximum interaction with the user. USB ports connect the different segments together and there is even an app which can be used to interact with the toy in more complex ways. All this adds up to a remarkable experience for children. There will also be the opportunity to add to the eight foundational segments to explore new ideas and behaviours in the Code-a-pillar.

The Code-a-pillar is also highly durable. It is built to last, and its sturdiness will ensure that your child enjoys many years of learning and discovery alongside its luminous colours. In fact, you will most likely pass it down to their younger siblings when they’ve learned the fundamentals of coding!

Preparing your children for the future

The knowledge acquired through interaction with the Code-a-pillar will prove useful in many areas in later life. The most important thing it does is build a strong cognitive infrastructure, on top of which other skills can be developed. It is known that spatial reasoning and verbal reasoning as well as numerical skills are developed early in life, and then further refined as we get older. Consequently, giving your child the Code-a-pillar is one of the best things you can do if you want them to develop these skills to a high standard.

If your child is a future engineer or computer programmer in the making, this is the toy to encourage them to pursue that goal. The bedrock it provides is something which is difficult to replicate with any other product. It gives them a sense of proportion and angularity as well as opening up new worlds of opportunities which would be difficult to imagine before the Code-a-pillar arrived. In sum, it’s an innovative, creative and masterful way to introduce your child to the fundamentals of coding.

Growing up with the Code-a-pillar is an unforgettable experience that we hope to share with as many children as possible.