Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar Price

Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar is a fun and innovative caterpillar toy that will help young children solve problems, plan ahead and think for themselves.

Each Code-a-Pillar is made up of eight different segments that are easy to connect. Each segment corresponds to a different command, such as ‘go straight’, ‘make a sound’, ‘go left’ and ‘go right’, offering combinations that are truly endless.

Once all segments are attached to the included motorised head the Code-a-Pillar will set off on his pre-determined path, flashing lights and making sounds as he goes!

Learning at an early age is hugely important and the unique nature of the Code-a-Pillar will get kids thinking – and having fun – without even realising. They’ll be encouraged to think critically and use their own unique sense of reasoning to take control of the situation and achieve their goals.

Rearranging the different segments will nurture experimentation and careful planning too. The caterpillar will need to be programmed carefully for certain environments, encouraging children to plot a path with no major obstacles (such as walls) and a firm destination in mind.

‘Failure’ will only add to the sense of discovery and fun. Children’s memories will be tested as they make adjustments to the Code-a-Pillar and discover new movements as a result of their actions.

It’s an extremely versatile toy that will help children to think outside the box. Regular household rooms will become playgrounds for the imagination, with tables and chairs providing safe obstacles to be overcome with clever thinking.

The included ‘destination targets’ are a great place to start with younger children. Simply place the ‘Start’ target at one end of the room and the ‘Finish’ target at the other end, before challenging them to get there however they want. Parents can even draw a map with their children, before programming the Code-a-Pillar to follow it!

The Code-a-Pillar can also be used in conjunction with other toys, such as building blocks, dolls and action figures. Whether children want to avoid them or knock them down, it couldn’t be easier to make bedrooms and playrooms into obstacle courses that are safe and exciting.

Unlike other learning toys, Code-a-Pillar is different every time it’s used. Children will fall in love with his friendly face and blinking eyes. They’ll watch with delight as his segments light up and he sets off on his next journey. The more you use him, the more you’ll understand him!

Powered by just four AA batteries, the Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar is guaranteed to get your pre-schoolers thinking and learning without ever making the process a chore. For children under the age of 3, the Code-a-Pillar can still be enjoyed under adult supervision. It’s a toy that will help to develop independent thinking, planning, memory, trial-and-error, discovery and cause-and-effect.

The Code-a-Pillar will give your children the power to take control of the direction their learning is headed in. It’s a toy, a learning tool and a friend all rolled into one. It can even be expanded with a range of add-on segments, ensuring it will remain a treasured toy for many years to come.